Kaikoura has become a very popular eco tourism destination not only because of its stunning scenery, also for the abundance of marine life, plant life and bird life. Kaikoura is situated on the east coast of the South Island about 187 kilometres from Christchurch.

The coastal drive or the train journey is known to be among the most spectacular in New Zealand. The rail track and the road follow the contours of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Kaikoura is one of the top sites in the world to observe a wide range of wildlife. The nutrient rich waters attracts one of the grandest creatures in the world - the giant Sperm Whale. These magnificent creatures are present all year round just off the coastline. These same waters also attract large pods of Dusky Dolphins and occasionally Bottlenose and Common dolphins. One of the smallest and rarest, the Hector Dolphin may also be seen swimming and jumping just off the shoreline. Fur seals, sea and land birds, bush and mountain creatures and plants make Kaikoura a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

Climate in Kaikoura is moderate, lying in the "sun-belt" it can boast of having over 2000 sunshine hours a year. Although Kaikoura only has a population of around 4,000 people it provides a wonderful selection of cafes and restaurants. Don't miss its locally caught crayfish.

We recommend guests to stay a minimum of two nights.

Activities around Kaikoura are endless. We are more than happy to book any activities while you are here. We also assist by planning your onward journey.

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